Everyday from today onwards (including yesterday…and the day before) Discover the Past will post a historical fact about Wales. So look out for the hashtag ONTHISDAYINWALES on the top right hand side of our homepage, or on the twitter page @discoverthepast. It’s the perfect way to learn something you might not have known about Wales, everyday.

Today’s fact is a certainly a timely one. Had the Mayans been correct  in their prophecy today would have been a hellish winter’s day in Wales. But the weather today is rather mild compared to past winters.

On this day in 1890, a a 3-week period of severe winter weather began causing deaths and widespread disruption in many parts of the country. It was, according to BBC weatherman Paul Hudson, the coldest winter for over thirty years. According to one web-based source 20cm of snow fell in Llanfrechfa Grange, Gwent.


Yet that particular source claims the heavy snowfall actually began on the 18th, pointing the finger towards the historical accuracy of Discover the Past’s fact.

So let’s do some shovelling (excuse the pun) and try to uncover a little more about the winter of 1890. And what about other particularly cold or snowy winters in Wales? What about the winter of 1962/63 which saw 20 feet deep?!


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